Re-using, Re-purposing, Up cycling, Restoring……all words used to describe the wonderfully  more sustainable and environmentally friendly habit of recycling.  At The Shed, we are passionate about doing our bit to lessen the environmental impact land fills have on the Earth due to massive over consumerism and our modern day throw away society.  There are so many beautiful vintage furniture pieces  out there in the world and we are lucky enough to stock many of them.  Most are already full of charm and ready to incorporate into your home, others need just a little bit of help to fit into our modern aesthetic.   

Vintage furniture is truly a beautiful thing.  No amount of skilled trickery can recreate the patina of a true vintage piece. It’s beauty can only be brought about by time and even if it could, the piece would have no soul and without soul, no beauty. x  


A little something to inspire you –  courtesy of Pinterest