About The Farm


Since the beginning, over 25 years ago, The Shed has been a family business. It has been remodelled and refreshed with new ideas from each generation that The Shed has seen grow. Our family has always been and always will be extremely close, and for this reason, we welcome each and every customer into our business with a smile and a familiar family feeling.

The business was passed down to us almost 7 years ago, and about 2 years ago, we had the vision to expand our business as we were getting extremely popular and our premises at the time was no longer big enough. We dreamt of creating a place that could be so many different things all at once. We started to define The Shed and what we desired the business to become. We kept coming back to words like homely, quality, decorative, interesting and vintage. We wanted to incorporate all of these aspects to showcase something that combined quality vintage with the modern and to create a space that had soul and warmth.

In order to make a decision regarding the perfect location for our current premises, we thought long and hard about where our amazing items come from and where they will find themselves once sold. Forever, our business has been far more than just selling items in a warehouse. Not only do we stock items of all sorts of styles, but we are actually selling items to help enhance your home, your sanctuary, the place that you feel the most comfortable. Because this business is a family business, it means we take our homelife to work every day. For this reason, we needed to expand our business in a way that would make it feel like home for our family, our staff and our amazing customers as this is what we value most in our lives.

In 2017, we found the perfect premises, and so our reconstruction began! We built in a chic vintage café with a homely and warm feeling, set up a beautiful art gallery paired with a function room suitable for all events, displayed our amazing collection of vintage, traditional and modern jewellery, and created everything we desired for our dream business to become.

We are very particular about the items that we stock, the criteria being that ‘everything must be either beautiful or interesting, of good quality and condition and collectable and quirky.’ This is what makes for such a diverse and interesting array of pieces to spend time leisurely browsing through. Not only do we stock the finest quality of homewares, furniture and knick knacks, but we also sell larger items such as boats, vehicles, camper trailers, caravans and much, much more! These items are advertised rather than sold onsite.

At every visit, you will be met by our family members and our wonderful staff in the café (who are family too, just not by blood) who share our vision for a welcoming, warm, homely and exciting place to visit. You may have encountered these friendly faces instore, bouncing off each other’s contagious energy and love for the place we all work. You may even see the Grandparents, the original owners of The Shed, every now and then, wandering around still keeping an eye on the business, just making sure we are doing our job. If you’ve been a local to the Sunshine Coast for a long time, you will probably recognise them and will be met with a big cuddle and a chat when they recognise you too.

At the heart of it all are our current owners, Geoff and Dianna, who have made this dream for the business a reality and have done a great job doing it. You will be met by these two vibrant personalities as soon as you walk through our doors to The Shed.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on in and say a big hello to us, we are always up for a chat and we love to meet our new customers every day!

We look forward to welcoming you into our Aladdin’s cave to help you find the perfect item for your sanctuary; your home.

From The Team @ The Shed x



We do not auction the stock in our showroom, however we do have an inhouse auctioneer and we offer auction services to all industries and varied organisations, such as accountancy and legal firms through to manufacturers, importers and insurance loss adjusters, banks, financiers, insolvency and the police services. We also auction goods for the government and council, along with deceased estates and chattels auctions, all of which are conducted on site at the relevant addresses.

All auctions are widely advertised prior to holding the auction for maximum exposure to people of interest.

Geographically, we operate from Brisbane to Wide Bay/Burnett and the Hinterland.